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Charlotte Newson

Position: Director

Charlotte was recently appointed Visiting Professor of Fine Art (Honorary) University of Suffolk, following her award of Honorary Doctorate in 2018. She is an internationally exhibiting artist and Director of Creative Curve. After completion of her MA Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU) she has undertaken multiple commissions, building a cross platform portfolio and socially engaged practice. Charlotte’s work is situated in a political framework; exploring people and social commentary, observing life and translating those observations into a narrative that reflects and explores issues of power imbalance.


John Ossoway

Position: Director

John is a freelance designer, front-end web developer and illustrator who works with clients in Manchester and throughout the UK.

John has a wealth of experience working with a diverse range of clients, including market-leading recruitment companies with websites worth tens of millions, to local artists and theatre companies, to small businesses just getting on the web for the first time.

When working on the web John adheres to the tenets of web standards [] as closely as he possibly can. He believes passionately that the internet is for everyone.

See John’s portfolio:


Yvonne Edge

Position: Treasurer

Yvonne joined the team in 2020 and brings with her extensive experience of the Voluntary and Community Sector, excellent funding skills and history of management, budgetary and financial skills.

Godfrey Baldry

Position: Chair

Godfry has brought many skills with him - an excellent management style and very competent people skills! He has an impressive range of practical knowledge and the ability to resolve challenges seamlessly. His clear sighted vision for the organisation and supportive generous nature see him putting in many hours on behalf of the organisation.

Tracey Crampton

Position: Director

TLC designs creating communication & design solutions with us for many years:

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